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Ernest Everett Just vs. Roger Arliner Young

November 9th, 2011

Ernest Everett Just was born to Mary Mathews Cooper and Charles Frasier in 1883 in Charleston, South Carolina. He grew up poor and was taught by his mother as a child. At the age of 13, he enrolled in South Carolina State College, and graduated in 1899 at the age of 15. He then went on to Kimball Union Academy in Vermont, and graduated in 1903. He recieved his masters degree of biology from Dartmouth in 1907, and his doctorate degree of zoology and physiology in 1916 from the University of Chicago. He taught biology and physiology at Howard University and conducted reserach with Frank Rattray Lillie at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Just won the first ever Joel Springarn Medal in 1915, published over a hundred papers and articles, and was the Vice President or the American Society of Zoologists.  He was married and had 3 kids.
Roger Arliner Young was born in Clifton Forge, Virginia in 1889. In 1916 entered Howard University, and graduated in 1923. She was employed by Ernest Everett Just as an assistant zoology professor at Howard University, and conducted research at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole. She recievedher masters degree in 1926 from the University of Chicago. After failing her qualifying exams for admittance into the University of Chicago, she was admitted  to University of Pennsylvania and graduated with her PhD in 1940. She then taught at Shaw University, but grew unstable so she checked herself into the Mississippi Mental Asylum in Whitfield.   She was discharged in 1962 and held a series of small positions until she died. She didn’t recieve any awards and only published 3 papers.

In comparison, Just definitely achieved a lot more than Young. Just really made a name for himself. He was very successful and well liked by everyone, whereas Young just barely scraped by. It took her 7 years just to get her undergraduate degree, and didn’t handle the pressure of rejection and unacceptance very gracefully, and that landed her in the mental asylum. Just, of course, had to deal with his fair share of rejection and condescending people, but he on the other hand, handled it very gracefully and professionally. All things considered, Just was definitely the more successful scientist, not because of his gender, but because of his dedication and pure love for science.

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